Do I Need a Professional When It Comes to Excavation?

Projects That Require the Expertise and Equipment of an Excavation Service Provider

Excavation is one of those jobs that are dedicated to professionals. It is not that an average homeowner can’t do it, it is mostly because of the heavy equipment used in the process. Handling such heavy machinery requires a fair deal of training, knowledge, and experience. However, there is almost no construction project that doesn’t require the services of an excavating contractor. Here are a few examples.

  • Land clearing. Whether you want to build a house or install a new lawn, the land must be cleared before you can do anything else.
  • Basement/Foundation. Digging a basement or a foundation is a task that cannot be done without the use of heavy machinery.
  • Sewer Tank Installation. Installing a sewer line, sewer tank, or draining field involves digging out large amounts of dirt. It is advisable that you use an excavation service provider for the task.

People think of excavation as one of these tasks that involve the use of big, heavy, and loud machinery. However, there are many tools used when working on a site. Yes, some of them are big and loud, but there are also others that may not look like much but they definitely play a crucial role in the excavation process.

Topsoil excavation tools

Depending on the amount of dirt that has to be removed, your contractor will choose the right tool. For topsoil excavation, they will most probably use backhoes or self-propelled crawlers.

Boundary Excavation tools

Once most of the dirt is removed, your contractor will use upright tools, such as mattocks, pickaxes, and shovels to remove loose dirt. Using these tools, they will create smooth and stable inner walls.

You must know that these tools must be kept in good shape, otherwise the entire construction project can be compromised. So, when you’re looking to hire an excavation service provider, don’t choose the one that offers the cheapest rates. Hire the one that has the best tools. Vernooy Excavating Inc is a reputable contractor that offers excavation services in Woodbourne, NY. Call us at (845) 434-7781 for more details.