What to Expect from a Reliable Excavating Service?

Types of Excavations a Professional Excavation Company Performs

Excavating is an interesting job. It takes a lot of training, skills, knowledge, and practice. When excavating, you very often, don’t know what’s underneath the surface and what you will come across. This makes it a real challenge. A well-respected excavation company should be able to offer the following types of excavations depending on the purpose.


This means digging of a large, long, and deep hole, usually when installing underground pipes or wires. Trenching is also applicable in military applications to protect front line from hazards. The most suitable equipment for this type of excavation is trench digger.

Site excavations

This type includes removing of soil, rock, and other materials from a site with the help of heavy equipment, such as excavators and bulldozers. The most common reasons for that are exploring a site to learn more about archaeological remains and their history. This method is also used for foundations for buildings, roads, and other structures. The depth of a site may vary depending on what is being built.

Excavation for landscaping purposes

This type includes shallow digging for installing retaining walls, statues, and other features to make an area look attractive and functional. Landscaping usually starts with laying pathways and may add features like benches, fountains, pools, etc.

Bridge excavations

This is digging for footing and abutments. Often, bridge excavation may be wet, dry, or rock excavation. Above is considered dry and below is considered wet.

Footing excavations

This is digging of a wall foundation for a building. This work is usually done to make a site as neat and as grade as possible, so the concrete may be cast without forms.

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